Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly

I was very surprised with this book. I love a good romance book. Slow Hands was one of those books I couldn't put down until I was finished.  It's the first of a small series.  

Madeline and Jake are the perfect characters to keep this book interesting. The whole gigolo situation makes this a comical book. Madeline buys Jake at the auction so that her father's wife can't. Once she has bought him, she doesn't want the date he is required to give her. Somehow he manages to convince her to go on the date. Madeline (thinking Jake is a gigolo thanks to a mix up in the auction) offers to pay Jake for a month to be her boy toy. Jake tries to tell her a few times that he's not a gigolo but she never gives him the chance to get it all out. 

I found myself laughing quite a bit throughout the book.  I got it free from Amazon and as soon as I finished, I had to get the second one, Heated Rush. Honestly for free, can you beat it?

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