Heated Rush by Leslie Kelly

I thought Slow Hands (The first book in the small series) was really good but Heated Rush was better. The case of the mistaken identity didn't last all through the book on this one. Heated Rush was another one I couldn't put down, I must admit. 

Annie told her family all about the guy she was seeing, (who turned out to be a married creep) so she needed a fill in. She goes to the charity auction and bids on Sean. 

With this being the second half of the mix up story, Annie thinks Sean is an EMT. Sean really was a gigolo and now is a business consultant. Annie takes Sean home for a wedding anniversary party as her boyfriend. 

Annie and Sean certainly have instant chemistry and sparks certainly do fly. Sean nor Annie is sure they want a relationship for their own reasons. His being his past "dirty" secret and hers being past relationship choices. 

If you read Slow Hands, you need to read this one. 

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Cindy's Creative Corner said...

Got my interest peeked on this one!!