Ms. Match by Jo Leigh

When I first started the book, I found myself getting annoyed with Paul, the main guy in Ms. Match

Gwen isn't as beautiful as her sisters on the outside, but she is much more beautiful than her sisters on the inside where it counts. 

Gwen's sister asks Paul to find someone to be Gwen's date for a family function.  When the guy Paul gets has to cancel at the last minute, Paul decides to do it himself.  

Paul is instantly attracted to Gwen and the same goes for Gwen.  The only problem is, they are complete opposites!  She's a plain jane and he's all parties and fast life.

When Paul keeps going back to Gwen's sister, for the last time, planning on telling her he's in love with Gwen, he's in for the surprise.  She takes him to her family's place for a get together.  Boy do tempers fly! 

It took a bit of time for Paul to realize what matters more than looks, but in the end he did. Gwen loses her way for a bit too with always putting herself down, but she also in the end finds her way again. They are the perfect pair. 

Parts of this book remind me of real life. Once to often the looks are what matters and with this book, it was the same in the beginning, but thankfully it didn't end that way.


Cindy's Creative Corner said...

Good review

кєяo said...

Paul is attracted to Gwen who is not that beautiful. I like it. Tired of reading books where the heroine is the most beautiful girl in the universe.