A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis

A Slot Machine Ate My Midlife Crisis by Irene Woodbury, was a bit funny and a bit sad at certain times. One thing I loved about this book, was I could actually feel for each of the main characters while I was reading about them.  I couldn't help getting happy, angry, sad, etc.

Wendy dated Roger for seven years and things were great. After moving to another state to be with Roger, getting married, honeymooning for four weeks, losing her job, critters in the bedroom, and snotty boss's wives, things start going sour.

Wendy decides to join her friend Paula for a girls weekend in Vegas. (Wendy figures five days apart would do both Roger and herself good.) Paula and Wendy do a lot of shopping and pampering. Paula is seeking men on this trip and seems to find a different one everyday!  Paula even wrecks a pre-wedding party She ends up giving Wendy a heck of a wild five days.

On Monday, Wendy is suppose to board the plane to go home, but changes her mind at the last minute. Roger wasn't happy about that at all. Well needless to say, five days turns into a lot longer. Wendy ends up getting a job in Vegas, making friends and building a life.... so it would seem.

I won't tell you what happened with her and Roger's marriage at the end. You'll just have to read it to find out if she went back home where she belonged with her husband!

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Did Wendy find another guy in Vegas. I wonder where the slot machines comes.

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