About Me

I am an avid reader.  I read mostly romance and mystery.  In between reading, I am a mother to three girls and a wife.  I have been reading since I first learned how.  Reading to me is like therapy.  It calms and relaxes me.  During every season except winter, you can find me outside, by my pond reading.  In the winter you can find me on my couch or in my bed reading.  

Mostly I love to read mystery and romance.  Some of my favorite books are by......

 J.D. Robb's **** her In Death Series  

I am not one to read a book just because everyone else is.  I have my own likes and dislikes and I'm not afraid of not fitting in because of it.  I think people with different tastes and opinions sometimes make the best of friends.  So please feel free to leave opinions and comments as long as they aren't nasty.  (My children like to read my comments.)