Handyman's Best Tool by Alexis Fleming

I didn't know what to expect with Handyman's best tool. I got an idea when the opening line of the book was "Are you the man who is going to plug my hole?"! I couldn't stop laughing! Beth-Ann doesn't think before she speaks, saying the darnest things.

Riley shows up to fix the leak and hole in her ceiling. The last thing he expects is someone like Beth-Ann. He overhears a phone conversation between Beth-Ann and her ex.  He can't believe what comes out of her mouth. 

She decides its time to live out some of her fantasies and Riley lets her know he is just the guy to do it! Boy is he ever!

While they are having a good time, Riley is having trouble with a building site he is working on. While trying to figure out who is messing with the site, Beth-Ann gets dragged into it. Someone is out for revenge against Riley and it could cost Beth-Ann her life!

This book wasn't bad, but it wasn't overly great either. Romance and mystery was a nice mix. With that said, I did have a hard time putting the book down, as I was constantly wondering what would come out of Beth-Ann's mouth next!

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