Swept Off Her Stilettos

Swept Off Her Stilettos  by Fiona Harper was the second book I read during the Dewey 24hr read-a-thon I took part in over the weekend. I must say this book was a good read.  The whole red bit with Coreen was different.  She loves attention from men. There is one man she really wants and is determined to get.  Nicholas isn't interested at first.  Of course Adam, Coreen's best friend to the rescue!  
This book was a bit different than my normal reads.  This one had a murder-mystery weekend in it, which personally I think made the book.  The whole from best friend to lover makes it a nice read.  this is a very clean book, which was an added bonus.  I do suggest this one.  

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Fairday Morrow said...

I haven't read this one- but I do like a good mystery. Thanks for sharing!

Happy New Year!