Escaping the Fire

I had the pleasure of reading the historical romance Escaping the Fire by Carolyn Chambers and Anthony Auriemma.

My summary..... 
Isobel de Toledo is a healer.  In Seville, Spain, only men are allowed to be healers.  Woman who are healers are burned at the stake.  When Isobel's friend Clara is caught and found guilty, they burn her at the stake.  Isobel is next on the list. She must save herself.

Isobel and her new love, Richard, marry and set sail for the New World.  Along the way, they encounter pirates, sickness, a birth, and much more.   

Once they finally settle into their new life, will everything be alright?  

My thoughts on this book....
This book was a bit different from my usual.  History was never a strong point for me, so when I saw this was a historical romance, I thought to myself, will I like it.  

I must admit, I did like the book.  The plots were good.  A few of the character names were a bit different, which was a nice switch.  While reading, I found myself not wanting to put the book down, as I kept wondering what would happen next. The only thing I found fault with, was the fact that there really wasn't a lot of romance in it.  (I am a romantic at heart and love more romance in my books.)  I'm not saying there wasn't any romance, just not enough in my opinion. 

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