Lori, Runaway Wife by Valentine Dmitriev

All too often you hear about spousal abuse.  It's a fact of life.  Most women are afraid to get out of an abusive relationship. They think they can't or they have been threatened.  

 Lori, Runaway Wife is about Lori.  She is an abused wife.  She is married to Boyd, who only married her because his mother told him to.  His mother wants the Larson house that Lori will inherit when her aunt passes on.  

Lori didn't know about Boyd's abusive side until after the wedding.  Boyd is also controlling.  Lori gets an allowance a month from when her parents passed on.  Boyd takes it and only gives Lori $50 a month allowance for anything she might need. 

Lori is a nursing student and works at a local hospital.  One day while on shift, a car accident woman is brought into maternity and the boyfriend is frantic.  Lori finds him on the floor and befriends him.  Lori realizes he is a well known book author, Ian Damion.  She ends up staying a bit after her shift and on her way home stops at the bookstore to purchase Ian Damion's books. When she gets home, Boyd is mad and gives her a kick.  She ends up falling and has a bruised face and fractured ribs. 

The next day, Ian is looking for someone to go home with him as Baby Danny's nanny.  Lori realizes this is her escape from Boyd, and offers to do it. Ian takes her up on it.   

She adjusts to her new life as a nanny just well.  Ian and her get along for the most part.  She keeps her secret about leaving a husband behind.  Soon, though she may have to tell Ian.  

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